Welcome to cloudwise.net!

Cloudwise will eventually be an extensive resource on all aspects of clouds, from the formal cloud types and forms and associated Cloud Classification System to an exploration of alternative ways to define and understand clouds. Using our vast Skyart Collection of photographs we will be illustrating all the variations possible, and will draw attention to the more interesting exceptions, atypical forms, or rare sky and cloud phenomena which make the study of clouds so fascinating.

This site will be under construction for awhile but in time we hope to build the world's best resource on clouds here. Please check back now and then, or visit our Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik personal site and follow the links to see more of our work and products.

If you are interested in acquiring cloud photos for fine art or commercial use, please see our Skyartprints fine art prints of sky and weather site or our Skyartstock weather stock photos site.

Arjen (Ed) Verkaik and Jerrine Verkaik